How to cook goat meat

Goat meat can be used in any recipe that uses lamb, however due to the lower fat content it is recommended that joints be cooked a little slower and on a lower heat.


Burgers, Sausages, Goat chops and steaks can be pan-fried, grilled, barbecued or oven baked.

Mince and stewing meat can be used to make sausages or burgers and also for those other lamb recipes you wish to make healthier.

Mediterranean herbs such as oregano and marjoram go wonderful with goat meat

and for a more traditional flavour try mint and rosemary.


Don't rush it - cook low and slow for melt in the mouth me


This award winning authentic recipe is not overpoweringly strong, but has a deep rich colour, superb flavour and is really simple to make.

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Caroline's Spicy Shepherd's Pie

A healthy alternative to a comforting shepherd's pie

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Merguez & Rosemary Grills

Merguez seasoned goat mince on rosemary twigs, Great for the BBQ or under the grill

Jamaican Goat Curry

This simple but very scrumptious recipe was created by June Whitelaw

Rolled Shoulder with Tapenade

A lovely recipe supplied by Sue Owen

Goat Kelantan

Moghul-Style Roast Goat

Orlebar Goat Curry

Easy Pot Roast

Spiced Orange & Tomato Cutlets

Nepalese Goat Curry

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Morrocan Tagine

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Middle Eastern Style Rolled Shoulder

A lemon based recipe from Mark Jenvey

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Chilli Con Goat

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Juicy Goat Burgers

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Spag Bol